Robo-Carp jest postacią w serialu Robal z przyszłości. Głosu użyczył mu Wojciech Żołądkowicz.

Appearance Edytuj

Much like all regular carp fishes, he appears to be no more than 7 inches closer to Danny's height, he is silver, with grilled fins, and it's carried by wheels at the bottom of it's pedestal with the word "ROBO-CARP" written in bold, and it's eyes are red with a yellow note, and has grey fish lips.

Information Edytuj

It is presumed that he considered as weak and short-lived, in every episode appearance, he is used as a running gag in episodes that whenever Danny calls on Robo-Carp on any situation they ended up in, for example: defeating any creature, the Robo-Carp ends up getting destroyed, and creating an explosion effect, as Danny usually says "Ah, Weak".

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